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Wall Clocks (Regulators)

These regulators return to traditional clockmaking principles of the 19th century. Battery powered quartz movements do not suit to high quality clocks.

Our exclusive mechanical cable driven movement HMW111 with 8 days power reserve combines traditional clockmaking skills with today’s manufacturing methods and technology (see also movement details).

A striking mechanism which can be switched off reminds on the half and on the hour. The exceptionally compact design allows elegant and subtle clock proportions.

We only use highest quality wooden cases which can be supplied in various wood colours, matching each interior style.

All cases except model R 1810 are equipped with bevelled glasses. Wooden surfaces are manually lacquered following several intermediate sandings.

With one of our clocks you will not only buy a precision time measuring instrument but also a valuable furniture of timeless beauty.

All clocks feature either genuine enamel dials, optionally with roman or arabic numerals, or our unique stainless steel dials. Steel hands are either thermally blued or hand finished steel.

These clocks are available with either chrome/nickel finish or classical polished brass accessories. All metal parts are protected against oxidation.

Please contact us for a visit to our clock exhibitions in 78713 Schramberg in the Black Forest or in Seefeld Castle at the Pilsensee near Munich in Bavaria.